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Episode #46: Sheila Kamara Hay & Sensual Living

With great pleasure I invite you to listen to this episode with Sheila Kamara Hay for a conversation devoted to expansive sensual living.

Sheila is a mother of 3, a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist, and founder of Ecstatic Birth. Sheila empowers women around the globe to understand and honor their feminine flow and locate their fierce feminine power while they birth their babies, their soul’s creations and re-birth themselves. As an Ecstatic Birth advocate and coach, Sheila trains birth practitioners and expectant moms around the globe to integrate the most holistic birthing tool, pleasure, in birth preparation and support. Whether you are birthing a baby or your soul’s work, birth is a journey to be thoroughly enjoyed, rather than endured, and Sheila is here for it!

Together we open up on shifting from living from the head to being moved by desire, the strength that comes from feeling all that is, and how the wisdom of birth's movements can guide us through all our creations.

Listen to enjoy more on:

  • Ecstatic birth

  • The labor of intensity

  • Feminine Flow of Creation

  • How pleasure brings safety

  • Feeling your way through decisions


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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self.

xxoo Lindsey


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